Star Wars Stoormtrooper Sandwich Shaper unboxing & testing

Star Wars Stoormtrooper Sandwich Shaper unboxing & testing

When we first got our hands on these sandwich shapers we wondered how they could possibly work and turn out like the photo on the box. Hero Stash have stocked two versions, the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper versions. We decided to look closer at the Stormtrooper version and make our very own Stormtrooper shaped sandwiches.

Before we could test the product we started by buying some vital ingredients, white sandwich bread, nutella for the middle and some cocoa for sprinkling on the outside to bring out the details imprinted on the sandwich.

There were a few different pieces/stencils included in the box and after reading the basic instructions it all became a lot clearer about how easy it was to make these mind-blowing Stormtrooper shaped sandwiches.

There are basically 4 parts that you need to use to make the sandwich. There is a square base which the bread and stencil parts fit into and then a stencil to add some extra detail at the end.

This is what we did: Placed two pieces of bread in the microwave for 20 seconds. Then we used the square base to cut the crusts off each piece, we just pushed it down on the bread and pulled away the crusts. We were then left with two pieces of square bread that fit exactly into the sandwich shaper. Then we placed the bottom part of the shaper in the square box and placed one piece of bread on top. Using the back of the spoon we gently pressed down on that piece. Then we added some nutella in the middle.

Next we placed the other piece of bread on top and then pressed down on the sandwich with the other part of the shaper. We pressed it together pretty hard to make sure it worked. Then we turned it over and pressed out the two pieces through a hole in the back. After that we simply peeled off the excess bread around the shaper.

The Stormtrooper had taken its shape now and after we removed the two parts of the shaper we were ready to add the sweet cocoa details. The last unused stencil sat nicely on top of the newly made sandwich. Using a small sieve we sifted some cocoa powder over the stencil. Once the stencil was removed we had our finished Stormtrooper sandwich!

The sandwich shaper was not only easy to use, but it was also fun to make. We started talking about different ways to use it and different ingredients and toppings to use. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them! We made a few and they look great together. If you have a few different versions you could make an entire platter of Star Wars themed sandwiches! Hero Stash has two versions in stock now with new versions arriving in December 2015.

Buy the Stormtrooper sandwich shaper here.

Buy the Darth Vader sandwich shaper here.

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