Introducing the Stash Club!

Introducing the Stash Club!

Being a small, local collectables store, we have always thought of Hero Stash as a club, people come to experience the shop, to chat and hang out. Now we have officially launched the Stash Club! An exclusive subscription membership program that allows members shop-wide discounts, access to our monthly giveaways, and more!
There are currently 4 membership tiers, all tiers include at least one entry to our giveaways. We aim to improve the membership program as the club grows.

The following membership subscriptions are now available:

Bronze Membership - $8.99 per month
- 3% off sitewide & in-store (stackable)
- 1 entry to all Stash Club giveaways
- Access to the Stash Club exclusive products

Silver Membership - $14.99 per month
- 5% off sitewide & in-store (stackable)
- 2 entries to all Stash Club giveaways
- Access to the Stash Club exclusive products

Gold Membership - $24.99 per month
- 7% off sitewide & in-store (stackable)
- 5 entries to all Stash Club giveaways
- Access to the Stash Club exclusive products

Royalty Membership - $59.99 per month
- 10% off sitewide & in-store (stackable)
- 12 entries to all Stash Club giveaways
- Access to the Stash Club exclusive products

Purchase a membership subscription here.

View past and upcoming giveaway prizes here.

Access the Stash Club exclusive products here.

Q - What is the Stash Club?
A – A monthly membership subscription club where all members receive perks based on their membership tier. Perks include, discounts to our entire Online Store and our Retail Store in Paradise, South Australia, entries to ALL our giveaways, and access to exclusive products not for sale to non-club members.

Q - I signed up, how do I receive the discount?
A - You must be logged in to your account to receive the discount. The prices will update at the cart/checkout screen automatically if you are a signed in member.

Q - What does stackable mean for discounts?
A - The discount you receive as part of being a Stash Club member is on top of any store discounts. For example, if we have a sale of 20% off and you are a Silver member, you would receive 25% off (20% + 5%) in total.

Q – How do I know if I am in your giveaways?
A – Once you purchase a membership you are automatically entered into all Stash Club giveaways while your membership is active. The amount of entries you have depends on which tier subscription you purchased.

Q - How are the giveaway draws completed?
A - We use a digital draw system where your name goes into the draw times the number of entries that are associated with the subscription tier you purchased. The name is selected at random by an algorithm.

Q – When do giveaways take place?
A – The Stash Club has a minimum of 1 giveaway each month, we aim to scale up both the prizes and frequency of giveaways as the Stash Club grows.

Q – How will the winners be contacted?
A – All giveaway results will be posted on our Social Media accounts, the winners will be notified by email, text or phone call.

Q – Can anyone in the world win?
A – Currently, our giveaways are only open to Australian residents. We will ship the prizes anywhere in Australia.

Q - Do I have to be over 18 to participate?
A – Nope, anyone can purchase a membership to the Stash Club and enjoy all benefits.

Q – Besides discounts and giveaways, what else does membership entitle me to?
A – All Stash Club members will have access to products that are not available to non-club members. For example, all One Piece Trading Card Game products will only be available for Stash Club members. Membership does not guarantee that you can purchase the products, they will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, but all non members will not be able to purchase those products.
There will also be some products which are available to non-club members listed, but at a discounted price for all Stash Club members which will be eligible for Club discounts on top of the already discounted price.

Q - Can I purchase multiple memberships?
A - No, you may only hold one membership tier at a time. If you would like to change membership tier, you need to cancel your current membership and then purchase a new one.

Q - I no longer wish to be a member? How do I stop?
A – Your membership will renew each month, if you no longer wish to be a member you can unsubscribe in the member portal once logged in.

Terms & Conditions
- By purchasing a membership to the Stash Club, you are providing support to the Hero Stash brand. It is important to note that memberships purchased are non-refundable.
- Members will be charged once per month, according to what date they signed up by the original payment method.
- Members can cancel their subscription at any time.
- Hero Stash reserves the right to change the membership benefits and fees at any time and or cancel the Stash Club.
- Read the full terms and condition of using this website here.

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