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Retail Store Re-Opening After Covid-19 Restrictions Relaxed

Retail Store Re-Opening After Covid-19 Restrictions Relaxed 0

Since March 24 of this year our retail store has been closed to the public due to Covid-19 restrictions. After the Governments announcements last Friday and the relaxing of some restrictions yesterday we have decided to re-open our retail store again.

We are back and open again now!

As many of you would know our store is quite small and due to social distancing rules of holding 1.5 metres between each other, we have had to limit the amount of people in the store at once to a maximum of 4. If you attend the store and there is already 4 people inside you will have to wait until someone leaves. This is to ensure we can follow social distancing.

The relaxing of restrictions does not mean the Pandemic is over, it simply means the health care system can cope with any new cases coming in. We must all continue to follow health guidelines and practice good hygiene. If you have a fever or a cough, please stay home.

We look forward to seeing regular and new customers in store soon.

Stay safe and happy collecting!

15% Off all Funko Products Priced Under $100 - Today Only

15% Off all Funko Products Priced Under $100 - Today Only 0

Happy Easter Collectors!

Take 15% off all in-stock Funko products listed on our website priced under $100.
That includes new Pop! vinyls, Convention Exclusives, rares, OOB, Mystery Minis, Rock Candy, and more!
Anything Funko, under $100 - 15% off!

Just use the code EASTER15 at the checkout or click here to start browsing and apply the discount automatically.

This discount code is valid for today only and will expire at 11:59pm (SA time) on Monday 13 April 2020.

Adelaide customers can select Pickup at the checkout to collect their order in store and avoid shipping fees.

To buy now and pay later, checkout with Zip.

- Discount applies to all in-stock Funko products priced under $100 listed on our website, pre-orders not included
- Enter the code at the checkout to apply the discount, codes cannot be combined, only one code per order
- The code expires at 11:59pm (SA time) on Monday 13 April 2020
WonderCon 2020 Funko Shared Exclusives Drop at Hero Stash

WonderCon 2020 Funko Shared Exclusives Drop at Hero Stash 0

Anaheims Comic Con, WonderCon is not going ahead, but we still have the shared Funko exclusives for you!
It is not a massive lineup, but we have them now ready for launch this Saturday at 8.30am (South Australian time).
Check your local timezone in relation to SA time.

We aren't allowed to reveal what we have, pre-sell or hold any of these so you will have to wait until Saturday. Our physical store is closed, but we will be in store most of Saturday shipping Online orders and you will be able to collect any pick up orders that day as well, just let us know when you want to come.

If you are interested in the WonderCon shared exclusives log onto our website and be ready for the 8.30am drop on Saturday 11 April 2020.

All stock will be in hand and ready for shipping/pick up straight away.

As always keep it fun and contact us for any questions.
Now Selling Works of Art - Supporting Local Artists

Now Selling Works of Art - Supporting Local Artists 0

At Hero Stash, we have always been a big supporter of small business and supporting locals. Where possible we source things like packaging materials, marketing material and other shop necessities from local/small suppliers.
As we all know we are in the middle of some tough times and a lot of small businesses need community support more than ever. So we were thinking of a way we can help our community and we came up with the idea of expanding the products we sell to include works of Art!

To start with, we have teamed up with a local artist, Peter Cox who has created plenty of awesome, one of a kind, pop culture Art for collectors out there. The artwork varies from Acrylic Paintings to Fine Art sketches and in most cases there are only one made. They are original pieces, hand-painted/drawn and only 1 available.

We have also made up some prints of one of his pieces, limited to 20 copies, all numbered and signed.

We think that any collector would love these pieces of Art displayed in their collections and as a bonus your money will go to supporting a local artist.
This is only the beginning, we will be looking to team up with other artists and add more works of Art to the website in the near future.

Please check them out and if you can support us and the Artist.

We hope they spark some joy in your lives.
Stay tuned and Enjoy!
COVID-19 Forces Temporary Retail Store Closure - A letter from the Owner

COVID-19 Forces Temporary Retail Store Closure - A letter from the Owner 0

To all our valued customers,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this announcement, but the seriousness of what we are all about to go through is very real.

There is no point writing the same thing, you have heard/read about from every company. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a very real threat on our society and we all MUST comply with Social Distancing and stay inside our homes as much as possible.

We all have a responsibility to slow the spread of this virus down. Those of you who think "oh I am young and healthy, it won't hurt me." That may be true, but you will spread the virus easily and we need to slow it down. The fact is this virus will spread through the community, but if it spreads too fast we will overwhelm our Health Facilities and there will not be enough beds to care for everyone. For example, if we have 50 beds and 60 people come in sick, 10 people will not get treatment. It will be left to Doctors to decide who gets treatment. This is happening in Italy right now. Google it. The goal is to only have 30 sick people so we can treat them.
Also if you have a health problem that isn't Coronavirus related you may not get the care you need if the health system is overloaded. The health authorities also need time to come up with a vaccine/treatment so we have to slow it down as much as possible. The only way to do this is to stay home!

Other States like NSW and Victoria have put in mandatory shut downs of all non essential businesses. In SA we are shutting our borders and have shut down bars, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and gyms. At this stage Shopping Centres are still allowed to trade, but we believe it won't be long until that changes as well.

We have made the pro-active decision as of tomorrow Tuesday 24 March 2020 to close our door of our retail store to the public. We will still be operating with a locked door, this means that we can still ship/post your orders out straight away and you can collect Pick Up orders by appointment. You must contact us and make an appointment and we will hand your items out the front door. But besides that we will not allow public into our store until the Government/Health Authorities lift the restrictions. This could be a long time.

As the owner/Director of Hero Stash, this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Closing the door will severely affect the cash flow of the business. February was going well and we had lots of visitors so to say that they cannot come anymore is really hard for me. This will also be a very tough time financially for Hero Stash and I really hope we get through this.

Please stay home and support small businesses Online. Even if it isn't our business, please make the effort to support small businesses Online. Buy a Gift Card for later, buy a takeaway meal, buy your hair and toiletries products Online etc.
It is vital that we keep small businesses going through this time.

For more reading about why we need to support small business and how you can from home read this blog post by Shopify:

Once again, we are very sorry that it has come to this and we hope to be able to re-open our doors as soon as possible.
We are ready to ship your orders out straight away so please keep shopping Online.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and keep you informed of changes and decisions made.

Stay Safe and Stay Home!

Emerald City Comic Con 2020 Funko Exclusives will be at Hero Stash

Emerald City Comic Con 2020 Funko Exclusives will be at Hero Stash 0

EDIT: 11/3/20
New Launch time: 11:31am on Friday 13 March 2020 (SA time).

It is official, the Emerald City Comic Con event in the U.S. has been postponed. Although the actual event has been postponed, Funko has chosen to proceed with their exclusives as a virtual event. Because of this the Australian launch time has been brought forward 3 hours.

Nothing will change with our launch other than the launch time. It is now at 11:31am South Australian time. Please check your timezone in relation to SA time.

Our Online store will go live with ECCC Exclusives at 11.31am on Friday 13 March.

Our retail store will open at 11.31am and close at 6pm on Friday 13 March.

Get excited collectors, it’s almost time for the first major US Comic Con of the year, Emerald City Comic Con. As most of you would know that means Funko exclusives are coming! We have stock ordered and on the way and will have a large selection of Spring Convention Exclusives available from Friday 13 March.

It begins next Friday the 13th of March at 11.31am (SA time).
We can confirm (barring any shipping delays) that we will have around 22 different Funko Pop! Vinyl exclusives for sale from this date.

We aren't allowed to reveal exactly which shared exclusives we will have for sale, but there are plenty of "reveals" by Funko on their blog post and other Social Media accounts.

Some of the exclusive items will be in very limited quantities and will sell out quickly. Items which are ‘Out of Stock’ on the website may become available again later on the day as we consolidate store inventory with website inventory.

This is how it will work:

- Our Online store ( will go live with ECCC stock at 11.31am (SA time) on Friday 13 March 2020.
- All products listed will be physically in stock in our store and shipped as fast as possible. Pick up orders will be ready for in store immediately after ordering.
- For the first hour there will be a limit of 1 of the same exclusive per person, any orders with multiple of the same product will be cancelled and refunded in full. After 3.30pm there will be no limit per order.
-  Any items that are “Out of Stock’ may become available again as store inventory and cancelled orders are consolidated with the website inventory.
- Stock levels will be reflective of what we receive prior to Friday. We will be re-ordering again on Friday and re-stocks are due to arrive on Wednesday 18 March.  Most products will become available again on this day (subject to change).

- Our physical retail store (Shop 2, 79 Hampstead Road, Manningham 5086) will be closed all morning and open at 11.31am (SA time) on Friday 13 March with all ECCC stock ready for sale at that time.
- There will be a limit of 1 item per person for the first hour. After 12.30pm there will be no limit per person.
- Some stock levels will be separate from the Online store so if products are sold out Online, they may still be available in store.

We will do our best to help as many collectors get what they want, but unfortunately the nature of exclusives means that they are limited pieces some products will be sold out in a matter of minutes.

Some tips to help secure what you want:
- Have a clear list of what products you want in priority order
- Login to the website before 11.31am on Friday and ensure that your shipping address is correct
- Remember what time zone you are in and the time difference to SA time
- Redeeming Acorns or using other discount codes may slow you down
- Check out with PayPal for the fastest checkout
- Remember that some products will be in extremely limited quantities. You may wish to order those straight away before ordering other exclusives
- Have fun and if the item sells out, be patient and keep checking as we will aim to re-stock all products again

Common questions:
Q - Can I pre order?
A – No, we are under contractual obligations to not pre-sell any items before 11.31am on Friday. All ECCC exclusives are sold on a first come first served basis.

Q – Can you hold an item for me to pick up in store?
A – We cannot hold any products without prior payment, this is to ensure everyone has a fair chance.
If you would like to hold a product for store collection you can purchase Online and use the Free In Store Pick up option for shipping. Then the product is reserved for you immediately until you can collect it.

Q - Can I purchase multiple of the same product?
A – Not for the first hour, this is to give everyone a fair chance so there will be a limit of 1 of each exclusive per person both Online and In-Store for the first hour of launch. After the first hour you may purchase multiple of the same product.

Q – What time will you sell Online?
A – Products will go live at 11.31am (SA time) on Friday 13 March 2020.

Q – What time will your store open?
A – Our store will open at 11.31am on Friday 13 March 2020.

Q – Will you re-stock sold out products?
A – Yes, we aim to have re-stocks on Wednesday 18 March (subject to change). This may not include all products that are out of stock, but we will do our best to re-stock as many as possible.

If  you have any more questions please contact us via Social Media or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please understand that this is one of our busiest times of the year and dispatch of orders will take longer than normal, but we will be working very hard to get them out as soon as possible. Please be confident that we are working to get your order out as fast as possible and any emails or phone calls will only slow us down.

Have fun and good luck!