Stash Rewards - Acorns

Loyalty Reward Program - Stash Rewards

Rewards, rewards, rewards! Everyone loves free money right?

Hero Stash likes to reward loyal shoppers and followers so we have created a reward system where you can earn Acorns! These are a good thing to stash and once you have enough you can spend them to get free shipping or cash off your next order.

Click the Rewards tab on the bottom right of the screen to login and start earning Acorns!

Every $1 spent on this website will earn 5 Acorns (not including shipping).
There are additional ways to earn Acorns, like signing up to an account and following us on Social Media.

Ways to earn Acorns:
-  Spend $1 = 5 Acorns
-  Create a Hero Stash account = 500 Acorns
-  Share our website on Facebook = 250 Acorns (this requires a Hero Stash account)
-  Like our Facebook account = 100 Acorns (this requires a Hero Stash account)
-  Follow our Instagram account = 200 Acorns (this requires a Hero Stash account)

What you can spend Acorns on:
1000 Acorns - $5 off next purchase
1800 Acorns - $10 Off next purchase
2500 Acorns - FREE SHIPPING next purchase
3300 Acorns - $20 Off next purchase
6000 Acorns - $40 Off next purchase

Terms and conditions:
- Acorns are earned and recorded automatically by our website.
- Acorns are not earned on dollars spent on shipping.
- You must have a Hero Stash account in order to earn and redeem Acorns.
- Acorns are added to your account once the order has been shipped or collected in store.
- Rewards are given in the form of a discount code and cannot be combined with any other discount codes.
- Acorns earned by referring a friend will be applied after your friend makes their first purchase.
- You may redeem your Acorns at any time and apply the discount code to your next order.
- If your order is refunded the Acorns accrued will be removed from your account.
- Our reward program is currently only available on our Online store. We are working on a way to reward our in store customers as well.
- Hero Stash reserves the right to change/cancel our reward system and the amount of Acorns earned at any time without notice.