Superman Logo Silicone Ice Tray testing

Superman Logo Silicone Ice Tray testing

Everyone knows how to use an ice tray so this review is not really a walk through, more of a testing to show our readers exactly what this product produces. The tray comes packed with some Superman artwork for those of you who want to collect this piece. Once we removed the plastic and got our hands on it we noticed the tray was made out of silicone and not a cheap hard plastic. It measured about 15cm long and 11cm wide with 9 spaces for a variety of different sized ice cubes. All the ice cube moulds are made in the form of the iconic Superman logo.

We were sceptical about how well the logo would actually show up on the ice cubes so we gave it a test run! Here are some photos of the results...

Not too bad at all! We were slightly impressed with how well they turned out, but wondered if the logo would be distorted once we used them in a glass of coke. To our surprise the logo actually became more visible in the coke and the varying sizes made it look pretty cool!

Ten minutes later and it was still going strong!

The silicone ice tray is heat and cold resistant so there are endless uses to what you can make in the shape of the Superman logo. We would love to hear your ideas about what else we could make or if you have made something with this tray please share a photo or story.

After the success of the ice cubes, we decided to try it out with chocolate. The results were impressive and even better than the ice cubes! Check them out.

We think this product makes some fun superhuman ice cubes and even better chocolate logos. This tray would be ideal to create novelty snacks for any super hero themed party or event.

Buy it here.


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