Boba Fett ArtFX+ Statue - Unboxing

Boba Fett ArtFX+ Statue - Unboxing

After unboxing the Darth Maul ArtFX+ Statue recently we held high hopes for this Boba Fett statue and we weren't disappointed. This model is part of the smaller range of Star Wars ArtFX models from Kotobukyia, but size does not affect the quality. The scale is 1/10 and as per all ArtFX models, the statue is highly detailed. Boba Fett is delivered in a classy box which looks beautiful on display as well. The packaging is top quality and all 8 pieces are safe and secure behind two layers of molded plastic which are clipped together.

This statue is the 'Cloud City' version from the Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. There are two sets of arms so that you can choose to have him displayed with the gun pointed up or at resting position. We went with the default position which is the resting one. The head connects by a swivel type connection so that it can be turned to face several directions. There is a metallic base which is not connected to the model as Boba Fett has in-built magnets in his feet. The base is not connected to the model, but the magnets allow it to stand securely but can also be moved easily.

We love this statue as it features Boba Fett from the original Star Wars films. The quality and attention to detail are second to none and any true Star Wars collector should have this on their shelf (or stored locked away for safe keeping). It is a true collectors piece and a timeless classic.

Buy Boba Fett here.

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