Chases Chases Chases!

Chases Chases Chases!

Most collectors of Funko products, particularly Pop! Vinyls would know what a Chase variant is. For the rest of you we will explain briefly the phenomenon of the Chase variant.

Funko do release Chase variants for other lines, but let's stick to Pop! Vinyls to make it easier to explain. Some Pop!s are made with a rare Chase Variant. The ratio of rarity changes though, originally most Chases were distributed with a 1 in 36 ratio, but lately they have been coming out as a 1 in 6 ratio which obviously makes them more accessible.
Basically the Chase variant is the same Pop! but is slightly different to the normal Pop! For example the Chase could be a metallic version, blood spattered version, different colour version or a new mold with a different pose or accessory.

Example Chase Variants

Now most of you know what a Chase is so we won't go into much more detail. The point of this blog post is to announce our Chase Policy. As most Chases are being released as 1/6 lately there are more and more on the market. We receive enquiries if we have Chases for sale on almost a daily basis.

We do not mark up our new Chases for sale in store or online. You can get a Chase from us for the same price as a common Pop! All you have to do for your chance is purchase the common version and you will have a 1 in 6 chance of the Chase being sent out instead of the common. For every Chase that we receive we will allocate a number from 1 to 6 which will then be sent out in an online order with that number. For example, last week we received a Rugrats Tommy Chase and we allocated it number 2. The second online order we received with Tommy in the order received the Chase Tommy instead of the common.

All you have to do is purchase the common and you will have a chance of receiving the chase.

For our awesome in store customers, don't worry we got you too! If we have any Chases available and a customer purchases the common in store then we will give them a chance to win the Chase instead. Once purchased the customer will get a roll of a dice and if they roll a 6 they will receive the Chase instead! We are also working on other fun games to play in store in order to win the Chase for common price.

Obviously we will have limited numbers of Chases so the in store game and online orders will only have a chance of a Chase if we actually have one. The more commons we sell, the more Chases we can distribute!

So, if you want a Chase, buy the common and you may just get a nice surprise :)

Second hand Chases which are obtained via in-store trade ins are sold at market rate and can be found in the Rares/uncommons section.

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