New 3x Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box Just Dropped!

New 3x Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box Just Dropped!
Given the success of our last couple of Mystery Boxes, we have been working hard over the last month to build an even better box! We are going to try to do one of these boxes per month or at least every second month. They usually sell out quick!

We design our Mystery Boxes slightly different to most other companies. We don't like to have any "losing" boxes. Some other Mystery Boxes are designed such that there are "top" prizes and "losing" boxes. For example a box is $40, but half the prizes are above that price (market value) and the other half are under that price. So if you get a box and it is one of the bottom half you actually lose money (in terms of market value).

Not at Hero Stash!
Our boxes contain 3x Pop! Vinyls for $59. Two of those are possible commons & exclusives which retail for $20 or $25. Plus you get one of the pictured Pops! which all have a retail value above $20. So even if you pull the "worst" box you will have a minimum retail value of $60-$65. That is the minimum retail value, but most boxes have a much higher market value and some boxes will be $100+ market value, but there are no "losing" boxes.

This is meant to be fun, no matter what you get you will get some cool looking pops. The very nature of Mystery Boxes means that not everyone will be happy.

Purchase at your own risk, you may or may not like the contents. No returns accepted if you do not like/already have the contents.

Grab one here before they are sold out.

Available in-store also.

- All sales are final, no returns, exchanges, or refunds
- There are 36 boxes in total. Pick a number between 1-36
- Each box includes 3x random Pop! vinyl figures
- Guaranteed 1 of the pictured items in every box. All pictured pops include a pop protector
- Box condition ranges from 8/10-10/10, some have minor damage/shelf wear

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