Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) Announcement

Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) Announcement

Unlike a lot of Online retailers, Hero Stash only sells products that we physically have in our store. We do not list stock that is "in stock with the supplier" or take payment for products we do not have yet. Once stock arrives in our store it is added Online.

As this is our policy, there are no ECCC exclusives listed on our site at this time. That doesn't mean we won't have them!

Our ECCC stock should arrive in store on Tuesday 7 March and the products will be added to our Online store then.

Due to the very limited numbers of ECCC exclusives, our order has been reduced and we will be getting a lot less than previously anticipated. As this is the case it is advised to come in store or shop Online as quickly as possible once we receive our stock.

As soon as the stock arrives, we will promote it on Social Media.

We hope we can help as many collectors as possible get what they want

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  • Danny

    That seems entirely reasonable. Thank you.

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