NYCC 2019 Funko Fall Convention Exclusives launch at Hero Stash

NYCC 2019 Funko Fall Convention Exclusives launch at Hero Stash

New York Comic Con begins in just a matter of days and as most of you would know that means Funko exclusives! For those of you who are new to the Funko world you may not know what we are talking about so here is a very basic run down. For major conventions Funko make limited edition exclusive products which for the majority are Pop! Vinyls. Some of these limited edition pieces are sold at New York Comic Con only while some are called “Shared Exclusives” and are sold in retail stores until they are sold out. Some of these are very limited numbers and sell out very quickly.

The good news is that Hero Stash will have nearly all of this years shared exclusives and they will be for sale Online and in our retail store at the same time as the Australian National launch. We can confirm (barring any shipping delays) that we will have around 40 different Funko exclusives for sale from 1:30pm (SA time) on Friday the 4th of October. This year the exclusives will only include Pop! Vinyls.

Some of the exclusive items will be in very limited quantities and will sell out quickly. In order to give as many collectors as possible a chance at securing what they want we will be splitting the stock between our Online store and our physical retail store.  Items which are ‘Out of Stock’ on the website may become available again later on the day as we consolidate store inventory with website inventory.

This is how it will work:

- Our Online store ( will go live with NYCC stock at 1:30pm (SA time) on Friday 4 October 2019.
- There will be a limit of 1 of the same exclusive per person for the first hour, any orders with multiple of the same product will be cancelled and refunded in full. After 2:30pm there will be no limit.
- All products listed will be in stock and shipped as fast as possible or will be ready for in store pick up immediately.
-  Any items that are “Out of Stock’ may become available again as store inventory is consolidated with the website inventory.
- Stock levels will be reflective of what we receive prior to launch day, but we will be re-ordering and re-stocks are due to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday the week after.
- Most products will become available again on Tuesday 8 October (subject to change).

- Our physical retail store (Shop 2, 79 Hampstead Road, Manningham 5086) will be closed all morning and open at 1:30pm(SA time) on Friday 4 October.
- There will be a limit of 1 item per person for the first hour.
- Stock levels will be separate from the Online store so if products are sold out Online, they may still be available in store.

We will do our best to help as many collectors get what they want, but unfortunately the nature of exclusives means that they are limited pieces some products will be sold out in a matter of minutes.

Some tips to help secure what you want:
- Have a clear list of what products you want in priority order
- Login to the website before 1:30pm on Fridayday and ensure that your shipping address is correct
- Remember what time zone you are in and the time difference to SA time
- Redeeming Acorns or using other discount codes may slow you down
- Check out with PayPal for the fastest checkout
- Remember that some products will be in extremely limited quantities. You may wish to order those straight away before ordering other exclusives.
- Have fun and if the item sells out, be patient as we will aim to re-stock all products again

Common questions:
Q - Can I pre order?
A – No, we are under contractual obligations to not pre-sell any items before 1:30pm on Friday. All NYCC exclusives are sold on a first come first served basis.

Q – Can you hold an item for me to pick up in store?
A – We cannot hold any products without prior payment, this is to ensure everyone has a fair chance.
If you would like to hold a product for store collection you can purchase Online and use the Free In Store Pick up option for shipping. Then the product is reserved for you immediately until you can collect it.

Q - Can I purchase multiple of the same product?
A – Not for the first hour, there will be a limit of 1 of each exclusive per person both Online and In-Store. After 2:30pm on Friday you can purchase multiple of the same product.

Q – Will you get limited number pieces and Funko Shop exclusives?
A – We cannot officially confirm or deny any of the products we will be selling, but we will have around 40 different lines which covers most exclusives. We do not anticipate to have any exclusives that are ‘number limited’, e.g. 1500 pieces on launch day.
Whilst we will not be stocking these on Friday we will be working very hard to bring in as many of these type of exclusives as we can from overseas. Whatever we do get will be sold in our Rares/Uncommons section and only sold once in stock. This will take some time to physically receive products.

Q – What time will you sell Online?
A – Products will go live at 1:30pm (SA time) on 4 October 2019.

Q – What time will your store open?
A – Our store will open at 1:30pm (SA time) on 4 October 2019.

Q – Will you re-stock sold out products?
A – Yes, we aim to have re-stocks on Tuesday 8 October (subject to change). This may not include all products that are out of stock, but we will do our best to re-stock as many as possible.

This years reveals from Funko look great so there will be some awesome Pops up for grabs. If you have any questions please email us or contact us on Social Media and we will do our best to help. Please understand that this is one of our busiest times of the year and we may be slower than normal to get back to you and dispatch time will take longer than normal.

Get in quick for the best exclusives, Friday we launch!


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