Vinyl Idolz - New product line

Vinyl Idolz - New product line

From the company who brought you the iconic Pop! figures comes a line of 8" vinyl figures named Vinyl Idolz. As collectors ourselves we believe Funko is an awesome brand and we love almost everything they produce! We stock a variety of their home wares, T-Shirts, Mystery Mini figures, Wacky Wobblers and Fabrikations. We won't stop there and we have now started to stock the Vinyl Idolz product line.

A few days ago we received our first order of 9 different characters in the Vinyl Idolz series with more to come soon. These figures are for the true collector and are of the typical Funko high quality standard and design.

They are presented in a stylish box with a clear plastic front so the figure can easily be seen. Since the box looks so good it feels wrong to remove the figure! As with most collectors, we find it hard to actually take the figures out of their magnificent display. Each box features the characters name and unique Vinyl Idolz series number on the front along with the logo of the brand the character is known from. On the back there is the same information along with a Polaroid style photo of the figure and a interesting description of the character.

One of the coolest things about the Vinyl Idolz series is that there are lots of characters which have a kult following, but are not so common to find merchandise or figures about. Our favourite so far has to be The Dude from The Big Lebowski. What a great movie and an even better character. We have also bought in 3 characters from arguably the best TV show ever, Seinfeld. Strong mention goes to the Back to the Future Vinyl Idolz and who doesn't love the main man of Marvel himself, Mr. Stan Lee!


We love these figures and will be stocking a lot more as they come available. Stay tuned for more Vinyl Idolz.

You can buy them here.

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  • Barbara

    Good afternoon. Wondering if you have Vinyl Idolz Newman & Kramer ? and the cost?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


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