Pop! Vinyl Retail Price Change

Pop! Vinyl Retail Price Change
To all Funko Collectors,

Currently the retail price for standard size 3.75" Pop! Vinyls in Australia as set by Funko & the wholesaler is $18.99. This has been the retail price since 2015. We have been informed that due to the weak Australian Dollar, that the retail price will be increasing to $19.99. This is the suggested retail price as of October 11 2019.

Customers of Hero Stash would know that our price for these figures has always been $17.50 or if you buy 3 or more in store they are only $15.00 each! Come and grab some pops for only $15.00 now.
We have always been way under retail price, but with the increase in wholesale prices we can no longer absorb the price increase.

Good news! We won't be increasing our prices to full retail, we will stay $1.50 under that price and continue to have store specials when you buy multiple.

As of Friday October 11, all standard 3.75" Pop! Vinyls in store will have the price of $18.50 each or if you buy 3 or more at once, $16.00 each which is $4.00 under the retail price.
Our Online prices for all new Pop! vinyls from now will increase to $18.50, but will be cheaper in bundles. There are also other ways to get cheaper figures, we often have discount codes and our reward points called Acorns add up quickly!

The retail price for 6" Pop! Vinyls has increased from $32.99 to $39.99. Our price has always been $30.00 for these and our new price will be $35.00 which is still $5.00 under retail.

Like Thanos, inflation is inevitable, but we are doing our best to provide competitive prices which are under the suggested retail price.

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