Exit the Game - Unboxing & Review

Exit the Game - Unboxing & Review

Once again we have asked our resident Board Game tester Daniel to un-box and review the escape room game called 'Exit' and here is the result.

Hero Stash offered me once again the opportunity to review another board game, this time it was Exit: The Game. There are 3 'rooms'/versions available now, but we chose 'The Abandoned Cabin' version to play and review.

Now board game is a loose term as this game does not actually have a board, rather each of the Exit games is run with a booklet, a disc and your imagination!

If you’ve ever done an Escape Room or Adventure Room and enjoyed it, well this is a table top, play at home version of those rooms.

The game allows for 1-6 players and is played in around 1-2 hours. It involves a series of riddles and puzzles designed to test your logical and out of the box thinking. Whilst you don’t have the added excitement of being in an actual closed room with things you can pick up and touch and feel, this is clearly the next best thing. Having done an Adventure Room before I actually enjoyed this game significantly as it calls upon a great use of your own imagination, something that we don’t often get to do as adults.


The Abandoned Cabin sets the players off on a holiday in which they stumble upon an old abandoned cabin and in an almost Saw like fashion, the players are tasked with a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape alive. Players must work together to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible in order to escape the cabin. But don’t worry if you find the puzzles too hard, hints can be taken along the way. However each hint you use and the longer you take will be the factors for determining your final score.

I enjoyed this game immensely and if you’re the type that enjoys riddles and puzzles that get your head scratching then this is the type of game for you. I played with 4 players in total and found that it worked really well, whilst the game provides for up to 6 players, I would be hesitant in playing with that many people as it would be hard for everyone to see the material in front of you to solve the puzzles which is really a key factor. The game itself is also a one off use game, which means that once you have played it once you won’t be able to play it again as the game material can be cut up and written on when played, however at the retail price of $25 I’d say that’s a fair price to pay for a good hour of entertainment!

As mentioned earlier there are currently 3 versions available now; The Abandonded Cabin, The Secret Lab, The Pharaohs Tomb. Grab one today and see if you can escape!

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