$5 off any order!

$5 off any order!

This blog post is for all you random Online shoppers who stumble across our website.

Do you ever start googling and shopping Online and come across a site you haven't shopped at before? Then you find something that you want and you think, "yep I am gunna order this no matter what, but it would be nice with a small discount as a bonus". So then you google discount codes for that site and come across a load of codes that don't work.
Sometimes you find an old Facebook post, but the code is expired...If so, this post is for you!!

So if you have googled Hero Stash discount code, or Hero Stash coupon code we hope you find this post.

Take $5 off any order big or small as your bonus for looking for a discount code. This code will not expire as long as this post is up. The code can only be used once per customer though.

Just use the code 'TAKE5' at the checkout for your $5 off.

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